Indians will be shocked! US President Donald Trump preparing to tighten H-1B visa rules

Donald Trump

The Donald Trump Administration on Tuesday plans to reduce visas issued to skilled workers from abroad. US President Donald Trump Administration has started preparing to change the visa rules to come to America and tighten the jobs. On Tuesday, it is planned to limit the process of Visa issued to skilled workers from abroad. Officials said that the reason for giving priority to this scheme is the loss of jobs due to Coronavirus Pandemic. Let us tell you that President Donald Trump issued an order by the end of the…

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The US increases H1B visa application fees by $10

H1B Visa

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is modernizing its immigration system to deter fraud, improve vetting processes and for strengthening the integrity of the program. Acting director of USCIS, Mr. Ken Cuccinelli said that an electronic registration system is being implemented to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the immigration program. He further added that the change in the registration process will be in favor of both the petitioners and the Federal agencies. To support the changes in the registration process, an additional fee of $10 shall be…

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