05 Healthy Choices That Are Not Actually Healthy At All

Junk Food

Worried about your health and not being able to decide which foods to go for. Wait! We have some suggestions for you. But that might swipe off many items from your daily meals, including some healthy choices that you think are healthy but not. Heath, Digestive and Whole Wheat Biscuits If you’re eating any healthy biscuits, then you cannot call them fully healthy. They must have about 70% of maida (All Purpose Flour) and only 15% wheat content. It also contains a high amount of sugars despite not mentioning on…

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05 Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism


You have been struck with the lockdown, and there goes your healthy lifestyle, no more workout, and even worse with the packaged food. But it stops at some point, and the first thing you would want to look into would be a healthy lifestyle and an enhanced rate of metabolism. Well! Doing exercise and maintaining a good diet are on you. But we can surely help you with some tips regarding the same. So, here it goes. Get Up Early And Start Your Day On a Good Note When you…

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How To Live Longer: Daily Habits Linked With A Longer Lifespan

Healthy Foods

Many people think that one can determine life expectancy primarily by genetics. However, genes play a much smaller role than initially believed.  Environmental factors like diet and lifestyle play much more prominent roles.  So, What Can We Do To Live Longer? 1. Regular Physical Exercise Do you live longer if you work out? Yes! Exercise is a proven way to keep your BMI in the healthy range and staying healthy and a great way to improve your chances of making it to 90 years and beyond. Regular exercise is not only good…

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Eliminate snoring, spine/back pain: Know how the sleeping positions affect your health


Everyone knows that sufficient sleep is very essential to keep the body healthy and active. Deprivation of sleep or difficulty in falling asleep may cause numerous health-related problems. Several studies show that due to lack of sleep,  people may have problems with blood pressure which can lead to many types of heart diseases. Not only this, lack of sleep can diminish the immune system and cause mental health problems. According to health experts, the quality of sleep has been remarkably affected due to the adverse circumstances induced by COVID-19. Apart…

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How To Improve Eyesight Naturally? What to Eat and Which Exercise to Perform?


Whenever we take action upon something, the beginning of that action always begins from our eyes because first, we see things then collect our thoughts in our mind and then take the necessary action. Our eyes see so many things in the surrounding, still, we do not care much about them. There were times when old-aged people were facing issues like weakening of eyesight or worsening of eye health. But now, even children and young adults are also facing eye-related issues. At the time of the pandemic, people were compelled…

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ICMR Director-General discusses vaccination status and strategy in India, read the details here


As per scientific research data, antibodies formed after contracting the COVID-19 causing coronavirus to prevail against the virus for six to twelve months. But, how long do the vaccine-generated antibodies remain in the body? As of now, there isn’t any accurate scientific evidence for the time frame of sustainability of vaccine-generated antibodies. Predictably, the evidence may take some time to show up in certified journals because only six to seven months have passed since the start of vaccination all over the world. ICMR Director-General Dr. Balram Bhargava said that investigation…

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Difference Between Headaches and Migraines, When Should You Be Worried?

Mental Health

You have your headaches and your neck starts aching, what could be the reason? Well! Youu google it out and now there’s everything on the list starting from neck dislocation, brain tumor to migraines, and cancer. But wait! There’s a simple difference between things and you should carry good enough knowledge to make a calculated choices when going for medication. So, let’s dive deep and look at the difference that helps you to conclude weather or not, you should be worried. What’s The Difference Between Types Of Headaches? There are…

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Wake Up Early From Your Sleep By An Hour Early, It Can Be Magical Cure To this Serious Ailment


Does your sleep pattern also determine how much you will be at risk of depression? Well! As a matter of fact, you can say that yes! It is one of the determinants for the same. No! We are not just saying it out of blue but we have proof backed by the results from studies from reputed institutions. It is also suggested that to maintain a good psychological clock, you need to have ample amount of dark in the night and get a good amount of daylight during the up…

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5 Keto-Friendly Diet You Should Know About If You’re On a Diet

Keto Diet

The Keto diet is claiming all the limelight for those who are into weight loss and dieting. The reason is pretty evident and it’s the magical powers of Ketosis, which helps in rapid weight loss. By taking high fat and low carb diet, you force a process called ketosis by the body. Here, the body starts to burn fats for energy rather than using carbs for the same as carbs are not given to the body at all. The daily consumption of carbs for someone who is on a Keto…

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Which Is the Healthy Rice Option for Weight Loss: Quinoa, Brown or White Rice?


Healthy food is the most important choice one should make while starting one’s fitness journey, eating healthy rice could one of the initial steps of the process. A bowl of Quinoa a day is going to keep all types of cancers away. In the past few years, quinoa has risen to popularity because of its high nutritive values. It is being consumed by lots of people who are trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. But, has popularizing Quinoa encouraged others to ditch white or brown rice which…

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