Free YouTube Premium Offered by Airtel, How to Avail?

Youtube Premium

Airtel has been nothing but generous when it comes to offers, a lot especially after Jio Platforms have been taking a lead at the same game of generosity when it comes to offers. This sounds like a dig at Airtel, but is it? Well! it might be for they are actually short on offers for quite some time. But that might be because we see their competition Jio Platforms showing with unlimited offers. Now, while this does seem like a dig but it is not. It is just there to…

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Whatsapp Data Filling Your Storage, How To Manage Using This New Storage Management Feature

Whatsapp Data Storage

Just about recently Whatsapp has rolled the disappearing feature update and now there’s one more for you. This time Whatsapp is out with the storage management feature. The new feature is added keeping the fact in mind that in the years Whatsapp has been in business, there were always complaints that it’s hard to exactly clean what apps data. The reason is that while there’s a lot of junk with useless forwarded media, there’s important data as well. Now, with the new update, you can manage your storage and clean…

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ICAI CA Admit Card Available For Download, Check The Process Now

ICAI CA Admit Card

The admit card for the November 2020 Foundation, Intermediate (IPC), Intermediate, Final, and Final-New CA examinations has been released on Sunday by the official authority, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). For checking the status of your admit card or downloading it, you can head to The process to download the admit card is simple, after opening the website, just log in with your credentials, and voila! There you have it the option to download your admit card. Now, Being a CA or Chartered Accountant is no easy feat,…

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IRCTC Refund Rules: Railway Ticket Cancellation Charge and Rail Ticket Refund Rules

IRCTC Refund Rules

If railway tickets are booked online (IRCTC Ticket Booking), the work of canceling them is also done online. There is no facility to cancel any ticket (IRCTC Ticket) at the ticket counter. The railway connects India. The means of travel of every common and special person in the country is Indian Railways. Today the number of passengers traveling by railway has increased, while the railways have also started online services for providing train tickets. But even today a large number of passengers do not book railway tickets from IRCTC (IRCTC…

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Transaction from ATM failed, yet money was cut, know what to do


The ATM rejects the transaction and you get a message shortly that the money has been credited to your account. ATM Transaction Failed: Sometimes technical problems are encountered when withdrawing money from ATM. Sometimes it happens that the transaction failed after withdrawing money from ATM and the money was deducted from the account. That is, we did not get money from ATM machine. In which it appears in the slip from the bank that the money was deducted from your account. In such a situation, all of us must have…

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How to increase your computer speed – In just 4 steps

Computer Speed

Generally, every person who uses a computer, and especially the internet surfing, starts to feel that after some time his system is not working at the speed that he used to do before. Sometimes it is due to something wrong with internet connectivity, but often it is due to computer itself. But for this, computer users often keep circling around with engineers or mechanics, and soon after that the computer starts behaving like that. So come, today we tell you the tricks by which you can keep the speed of…

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