OnePlus 9 vs iPhone 13: Which Phone Should you buy

oneplus vs iphone

The iPhone 13 series has arrived, and it’s time to examine how it compares to OnePlus’ flagship devices. Both mobile giant companies have advanced their current lines higher than ever before, but you can only buy one. Let’s compare the two series to discover who wins in the OnePlus 9 versus iPhone 13 showdown. The distinction between operating systems may be clear, yet it is simply the tip from our end. We’ll go over the screens, cameras, and other features to help you decide which phone is ideal for you. Display…

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Which Apple iPhone To Go For? A Detailed List

Apple I Phone

If you’re an Apple enthusiast, you either have an iPhone or plan to buy one. If you’re already planning for the iPhone 13 upgrade for the next month after its scheduled launch event, this article is not for you. But if you’re the second type and still want to get your hands on an Apple device, then here’s a list for you, which you can use to make an empowered choice. iPhone 12 Series (Rs 66,400 onwards) These are the latest variants of iPhone devices. With the devices being launched very recently,…

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Apple to Prevent Users From Using Phones With Cracked Display Screens


Unnoticed cracked display screens are a danger and a recipe for disaster if gone undetected for an extended period.  As a user, there is no way you can determine a crack in your display if the damage is at a small scale or in a generally unnoticeable place. Apple has decided to come up with a system that will help you solve this issue. They will develop a system that will essentially notify users when their display suffers damage in the form of cracks. Details Regarding the System The US…

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Apple to launch its first exclusive online store in India on September 23, know the advantages you can avail

Apple Store Online India

Ahead of the the Indian festive season, Apple is ready to launch it’s very first online store in India on September 23. This move will enhance the premium experience of the Apple customers in the country which will offer a wide range of products, services and support. Apple has also roped in Blue Dart to provide it’s logistics support and courier services to the customers. The exclusive store will be Apple’s 38th online store worldwide which will offer technical experts’ advice and top-notch support facilities to the Indian customers. In…

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iPhone XS is now available at Rs. 42,000!

iPhone XS

iPhone XS was launched in 2018 at Rs. 89,900. It is still considered one of the best premium phones in India and has a comparative edge over its successors such as iPhone XR. Now iPhone XS can be bought at just Rs. 42,000 in India, with certain terms and conditions.  Flipkart Mobile Bonanza sale is offering iPhone XS at Rs. 54,999. Further, the sale also has the option of exchanging your older iPhones and getting a discount up to Rs. 14,050. The discount amount varies with the age of the…

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iPhone to be banned in India

iPhone Ban in India

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), has mandated all access providers to include DND 2.0 App in their App stores. A TRAI directive says, “every access provider shall ensure, within six months, that all smart phone devices registered on its network support the permissions required for the functioning of such Apps as prescribed in the regulations 6(2)(e) and regulations 23(2)(d)”. Keeping in line with the TRAI’s directive, Google has included DND 2.0 in its Android play store, but Apple hasn’t! Apple cites breach of privacy of its users as a…

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