Big news about LPG cylinder without subsidy, know what is the rate of your city

LPG Gas Cylinder

LPG Cylinder Price: LPG prices were increasing for the last two months, so it was believed that there will be a huge increase in the price of LPG gas this month too, but during the festivals, petroleum companies have given good news to the common people. . There was no change in the prices of non-subsidized LPG in August. According to the IOCL website, the capital city of Delhi has a subsidy of Rs 594. Last month too, people were getting LPG at the same price in Delhi. Whereas in…

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LPG rate cut up to Rs.65

LPG rate

COVID-19 has a disastrous impact on the global economy. Also, crude prices are lurking at the decade’s lowest value. Brent crude is now selling at $25.88 per barrel and West Texas Intermediate is trading at $20.6 a barrel. The falling prices of crude have impacted the rates of LPG also, which has seen a rate cut up to Rs. 65 in India.  Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) releases a revised rate for crude and LPG at the beginning of every month. The price of LPG has been reduced for the second…

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LPG prices shot off by Rs. 144.50 per cylinder!

LPG prices

The cost of cooking LPG cylinders has undergone an unprecedented hike of Rs. 144.50 per cylinder. The unusual rise is credited to the revision of the benchmark global fuel prices. A price notification by state-owned oil firms confirmed that per 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will cost Rs. 858.50 now, instead of Rs. 714. This rise is steepest after 2014 when per cylinder prices were increased by Rs. 220 per cylinder.  The government has done a wonderful job of almost doubling the subsidy which it gives to domestic users. This graceful…

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