Perform These 5 Brain Exercises to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Brain Exercise

Brain exercises have become important and significant because the brain has got its easy way to remain shut in this technology-driven world, there are a lot of distractions these days as technology has touched many great milestones, and we remain dependent on it. We have forgotten that there are other things apart from being involved in our online social life, which is there for us to elevate our¬†life¬†values and skills. Our brain is involved in each activity that we perform every day and for that, it should be trained to…

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Tackling the stigma of mental health

With mental health and its stigma, getting treatment for those issues becomes difficult. For these people, controlling their health condition is not in their control. To add to that, they get blamed, called names and shouted at because of their problems. Thus finding an appropriate house, remaining in a long-term relationship and getting a job becomes tough. Here are some ways to tackle the stigma. Show compassion: When people about certain issues openly, they get accepted into the society. Therefore rather than passing rumors around, it is best to know…

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