How To Efficiently Reduce Your Screen Time By Avoiding the Avoidable


Screen time is not just the number of hours you spend on a digital screen but it is the time you have wrecked your eyes and stuffed your mind with a lot of information unless it your work or helpful information. The gradually increased screen time is causing a lot of problems for your everyday activities. We can bet that you’re one of those, right? Well! If you’re someone who has been a victim of anxiety, stress, and things like sleep disorders due to higher screen times then you’ve landed at…

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Device Safe from Malware


Cases of cyber-crimes have been rapidly increasing over the past two years and they are more complicated than ever before because there are plenty of professional hackers in the technology world and thousands of new hackers are born every day. If your device is getting compromised, then there might some extra tasks which are running in the background and making your device slow. So, in order to keep your device safe from unwanted malware, pay attention to these signs which tell you that you have been hacked and how to…

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