Joe Biden Wins Presidency and Rules Over United States of America

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The US elections have been concluded and the winner is out now, being the new president of the United States of America, Joe Biden. He has won over Donald Trump who has been holding the last term presidency from the Republican front. He has won by a majority of 290 votes over Trump’s 214 and became the president of the United States. While all this was going on, we’ve numerously heard Trump making a ton of allegations over the opposition that they want to steal his presidency and we’ve all…

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Rajya Sabha passes the three remaining reforms of the Labour Bill

Rajya Sabha - Labour Bill

In a crucial session of Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the upper house passed three important and significant labor reform bills that will remove the obstacles for winding up of companies and will also allow firing employees without the permission of the government in offices and firms up to 300 workers. The Upper House of the Parliament passed the three remaining labor codes on social security, occupational safety, and industrial relations via voice note judgment amid the objection and boycott of these reforms by the opposing parties including eight MPs and…

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