The New SUV Kushaq Takes the Skoda Stage.


Skoda has finally launched its gala opening. Earlier this month, Skoda revealed its new midsize SUV Kushaq in India.  Introduced first as a Vision In concept at a 2020 auto expo, the car’s name was officially announced in January 2021. As the first step in Volkswagen’s India 2.0 campaign, the company launched Kushaq and has announced to involve four more cars in its official project. We can see these Skoda and Volkswagen gearing up soon this year.  95 percent of the Kushaq is manufactured in India, fixing aggressive pricing for…

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Automotive companies pondering contract manufacturing to raise utilization ratio

Contract Manufacturing

Due to declining sales for over two consecutive years and predictions of recovery of the Auto-sector taking more than three years, the vehicle makers are now exploring options of contract manufacturing to utilize the idle capacities of the manufacturing units. In order to earn a profit, the Auto-makers need to utilize at least 70 percent of their total manufacturing capacity. Last financial year, before the outbreak of the pandemic, the auto-companies utilized less than 60 percent of their total available manufacturing capacity. To boost the utilization ratio, Auto-sector companies such…

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