Top 7 Solo Travel Countries to Visit on Earth You Can Explore

Solo Traveller

Sitting at home during the time of pandemic may have made you furious and anxious too. You want to step out and want to relax your mind and solo travel seems to be the only option which can offer you peace and harmony. We know that you are waiting for the right time and have already started planning to choose places where you want to go. But do not worry as we have made it easy for you to select your preferable place to mention on your must-visit place list.…

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Latest Statewise Flight Quarantine Rules for Travelling in India


As the flight operations have resumed, considering the COVID-19 situation, the different state government has carried out their respective flight quarantine rules. Before traveling to a place, make sure that you have read and have understood all Statewise flight quarantine rules. State regulations may change in the future, so please keep visiting the state government website for further details. Statewise Flight Quarantine Rules New Delhi Domestic: There will be no institutional or home quarantine for the passengers. Thermal screening is necessary and Aarogya Setu App needs to be updated. The passenger…

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7 places in the world for solo travelers to visit

If you’ve caught the wanderlust bug, but also love your own company the most, you belong to the growing breed of solo travelers. While there are many niche exotic locations you can travel to, we have put together a list of the top 7 places in the world that you can visit on any budget. If you’re planning a trip in the autumn, be sure to go through our check-list on preventing and dealing with allergies. France Enjoy the best of France from the Eiffel tower to the churches and…

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Here’s why you should travel alone when you’re young

1. You can travel cheap – Only when you’re young can you manage living out of a backpack in a dorm room of a traveler’s hostel and not complain about it. Or skip a meal and get through the entire day without much inconvenience. Or pitch your own tent on the go to spend a night under the stars with your new found buddies. 2. Give yourself a chance to grow – Trapped in the endless rut of everyday life, rarely do you ever get a chance to do something…

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