India China to meet on Ladakh stand-off tomorrow regarding the pullback expedition.

Indian Army

India and China have been locking horns at the borders for over a month now, and during times like these, this does not seem to be such a good thing to focus national attention towards. In order to expedite a pullback on the borders, India and China will discuss on Friday. This discussion will be around ways to build on the disengagement process – a process started this week after National Security Advisor Ajit Doval conversed with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.  Friday’s meeting will be of the Working Mechanism…

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JK Rowling is back and this time, it is nothing to do with Harry Potter

Jk Rowling

We all have, at some point in our childhood, come across the mystical world of Harry Potter and have found repose in the pages that take us to the school where Magic is the curriculum. And while JK Rowling formed a major part of our childhood, growing up without her comforting words did seem to be a bit too harsh.  That would not, however, be the case for long, as Rowling has come back with what she does best. The Harry Potter Author tweeted, “Over 10 years ago, I wrote…

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India Cancels China Test Kits Order

Covid Test Kit

The Health Ministry of India canceled Chinese testing kits over performance issues. These were rapid anti-body tests and the ministry added that the government does not stand to lose any money since the due process was followed behind the procurement of the kits.  This statement from the ministry came after the country’s foremost health research body, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) on Monday asked Indian states to cease using Covid-19 rapid antibody test kits which were procured from two Chinese companies. The states were asked to return them…

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Missouri becomes the first US state to sue China over Covid-19

Missouri to sue China

The encounters with a pandemic are bound to elicit some reactions. There were very strong reactions people had against China ever since the pandemic broke out. However, Missouri, a State in the United States of America, sued the Chinese Government over the Covd-19 outbreak, by calling it “an appalling campaign of deceit.” The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in a federal court. The State Attorney, General Eric Schmitt claimed that the Chinese Officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians”,…

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Kerala may allow online sale of liquor

Liquor Sale

Amidst COVID-19 crisis, two alcohol addicts have been reported to commit suicide in Kerala. As per directions of the PM, all shops except those selling essentials like groceries, medicines and medical equipment have been shut down till 15th April. This lockdown has brought a complete ban on alcohol, which addicts are finding very difficult to cope up with. It is a known fact that Alcohol has a painful withdrawal symptom. After the suicide of two addicts in Kerala, the Chief Minister of Kerala is considering the online sale of Alcohol.…

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Paytm may contribute Rs. 500 Cr. to PM CARES Fund

Paytm PM CARES Fund

Digital payment company Paytm has indicated that it is planning to contribute a significant sum of Rs. 500 crores to PM Citizen Assistance and Relief Emergency Situations (CARES) Fund. It is noteworthy that the biggest industrialist of India, Tata has contributed Rs. 500 crores to PM CARES fund. Other than Tata, several other celebrities and industrialists are making their contribution towards the relief fund. The PM CARES Fund is exempt under the Income Tax Act, 1961 under section 10 and 139. The contribution made towards PM CARES fund is also…

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COVID-19 is not a laboratory construct, research confirms!

Google India employee diagnosed with COVID-19

COVID-19 is not a laboratory construct, research confirms!   A conspiracy theory was doing rounds in streets of conspiracies that COVID-19 could be a laboratory construct, harbored and spread with a purpose. The analysis of evidence and research proves it otherwise and confirms that it is indeed a natural phenomenon. A team of researchers at Tulane University School of Medicine has conducted a careful analysis based on evidence and told ABC News that COVID-19 is a natural occurrence. The finding has been supported by Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the…

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Petrol and Diesel may become cheaper, says SBI Ecowrap Report

Petrol and Diesel Prices

Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy has taken a downturn. Stock, as well as commodity markets, are facing sharp falls. Rates of two of the most popular brands of crude, namely Brent and WTI have come down by 30% and are trading at $30.85 and $28 per barrel respectively. Analyzing the trends in global crude prices, SBI research report Ecowrap has predicted a corresponding reduction in petrol and diesel prices. As per the SBI Ecowrap report, petrol and diesel may become cheaper by Rs. 12 and Rs. 10 per liter…

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National emergency in the USA

National Emergency in USA

The US is in state of national emergency now! The total number of COVID-19 infected individuals in the US has risen to 1300 and the death toll has reached 33, as per reports by Federal officials. Dismayed over the lack of test kits and testing facilities, US President Donald Trump has increased pressure on US public health authorities. Also, the president has declared a fund of $50 billion for countering the deadly virus. Most of the funds will be invested in developing test kits and equipping the hospitals for treating…

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New features on WhatsApp

Feature on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has grown more than a texting platform and has extended its uses to business and communications which are more important. Other than privacy and security issues, WhatsApp also strives to control rumor-mongering and the spread of fake news. Security and software updates are frequent with WhatsApp and keeping up the legacy it has come up with few more new features. These new features announced by the platform are concerned with its branding, user privacy, and control of fake news.  What are the latest features of WhatsApp? Branding feature WhatsApp…

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