Bobby Deol Might Actually be a Time Traveler, Mystery Spotted

Bobby Deol

In this era, we know that it takes one glance from a creative someone and anything can go viral. After ‘Pawry Ho Ri Hai’ by Yashraj Mukhate, another viral sensation is coming into the limelight but unlike the ‘Pawry’ girl, we all know the person involved. Yes! It’s none other than the Bollywood famed, Bobby Deol. Now, why is he getting all the attention? Well! Some theories say that he might be a time traveller, sound interesting, right? Let’s get in deep and get to know the whole story. Shall we? So,…

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Several Bollywood celebs keep their view on farmers’ protest on social media, Sonu Sood posts cryptic tweet

Sonu Sood

It has been over five months since the farmers’ protest begun against the three farm bills. The protest, which was being held on the roads, now has made its way onto social media. The situation on social media has gradually evolved into a pressing issue after Hollywood celebrities and foreign forces started to intervene in the farmer’s movement. The Bollywood too seems to have mixed opinions about this never-ending protest. In such a scenario, the process of taking jabs at each other has also initiated. Recently, Sonu Sood tweeted indirectly…

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Twitter Launched Fleets For The Global Audience, More Details Inside


The Fleets feature from Twitter which was exclusive to only some countries like India due to the reason that it was in the testing phase, has now been launched globally. This new future is quite talked about in the Twitter community and one can easily spot the similarities between Instagram Stories and Twitter’s Fleet. They are exactly the same thing when talking about them from a conceptual level. Now, Fleets have been launched previously in only a handful of countries such as India and the Indian users have been enjoying the feature…

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