World’s Biggest Covid-19 vaccine study starts as the US begins trials that include 30,000 people.


While the pandemic has slowed down the pace of the world dramatically, the world now steps up to implement major retaliatory efforts. In order to beat the pandemic, scientists from all around the world are trying their best to come up with a vaccine that protects people from the virus.  The world’s biggest Covid-19 vaccine got underway on Monday as 30,000 planned volunteers stepped up to these trials to shots which are created by the US government. The US happens to be one of the many countries in the race…

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Brazil’s coronavirus count goes past the 70k mark.


While the global toll of people affected by the virus keeps on reaching new heights every day, there are certain countries that are hit worse than the others. In a list of countries worst affected by Covid-19, Brazil stands to be the country with the second-highest death toll, and is surpassed only by the United States of America.  In the last 24 hours, the country saw 630 new cases added to the total coronavirus related deaths, bringing Brazil’s total Coronavirus death count over 72,000.  The total number of cases in…

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First COVID-19 Vaccine Tested on Humans in US Shows Promise


Moderna Inc’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine, the first coronavirus vaccine to be tested on people in the US appears to be safe and able to stimulate an immune response against the virus, its manufacturer, Moderna announced on Monday. The findings are based on results from the first eight people who each received two doses of the vaccine, starting in March. Those people, healthy volunteers, made antibodies that were then tested in human cells in the lab and were able to stop the virus from replicating — the key requirement for an…

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Corona virus: America begins withdrawing investment from China, decides to cancel billions of dollars of pension funds


The US has withdrawn its pension fund (US PENSION FUND) from China. This pension fund is said to be worth billions of dollars. This has been confirmed by President Donald Trump himself US has decided to withdraw billions of dollars of pension funds from China President Donald Trump has confirmed this with China invading Corona virus US-China relations going through bad phase amid Corona virus crisis So far, more than 80 thousand lives have been lost due to Corona virus in America. The way Washington attacked China with the Corona virus raised…

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No good signs lie ahead for over 2 lakh H-1B workers in the US as they could lose their right to be there by June

Us Visa

Tough times lie ahead for foreign workers working in the US. With the pandemic striking the US hard, many companies are now looking at letting go of employees to maintain company capital. There are various companies across the US currently contemplating some of the hardest decisions, and mostly, as it turns out, are opting to furlough US-born workers and fire those foreign employees whose visas require them to be paid.  There are as many as 250,000 guest workers seeking a green card in the USA. Out of these, there are…

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Industries that are hiring during the coronavirus pandemic – USA

Jobs in USA

Several industries all around the world have been forced to come to a halt, due to the rampant spread of Coronavirus. The consequences this global lockdown will have is something we can only estimate for now, but what can be certainly said is that it is going to be disastrous nonetheless.  Various industries have taken a bad hit and are currently resorting to cost-cutting to merely sustain. This has led to a lot of people losing their means of livelihood and in the face of growing expenses that does not…

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Trump asks if disinfectants can be injected to kill coronavirus inside the body; leaves listeners dumbstruck.


The pandemic has surely a way to get to us. With the lockdown and its consequences showing up more pristinely each day, we turn to some questionable thoughts that instantly make us nod our heads in disagreement and move on. But when the questionable thoughts stop being just thoughts and end up out loud, they sound preposterous, to say the least.  Post a presentation on Thursday that brushed over the idea that disinfectants can kill the coronavirus on the surfaces and in the air, President of the United States of…

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Missouri becomes the first US state to sue China over Covid-19

Missouri to sue China

The encounters with a pandemic are bound to elicit some reactions. There were very strong reactions people had against China ever since the pandemic broke out. However, Missouri, a State in the United States of America, sued the Chinese Government over the Covd-19 outbreak, by calling it “an appalling campaign of deceit.” The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in a federal court. The State Attorney, General Eric Schmitt claimed that the Chinese Officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians”,…

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The US bans travel from Europe for the next 30 days

Travel Ban from Europe to USA

Amidst the pandemic COVID-19, Donald Trump has declared a ban on travel from Europe to the US. The UK has been kept out of this blanket ban. The ban will include both men as well as trade movements from European countries. Trump feels that the European countries failed to control the spread of the deadly virus because they couldn’t control or ban travel from China at the right time. COVID-19 has so far spread across 100 countries, infected 1.24 lakh people and has killed 4,500 people globally.  Donald Trump said…

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National emergency in the USA

National Emergency in USA

The US is in state of national emergency now! The total number of COVID-19 infected individuals in the US has risen to 1300 and the death toll has reached 33, as per reports by Federal officials. Dismayed over the lack of test kits and testing facilities, US President Donald Trump has increased pressure on US public health authorities. Also, the president has declared a fund of $50 billion for countering the deadly virus. Most of the funds will be invested in developing test kits and equipping the hospitals for treating…

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