Which Is the Healthy Rice Option for Weight Loss: Quinoa, Brown or White Rice?


Healthy food is the most important choice one should make while starting one’s fitness journey, eating healthy rice could one of the initial steps of the process. A bowl of Quinoa a day is going to keep all types of cancers away. In the past few years, quinoa has risen to popularity because of its high nutritive values. It is being consumed by lots of people who are trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. But, has popularizing Quinoa encouraged others to ditch white or brown rice which…

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Lose Weight By Inculcating Benefits Of Running, Checkout How.


We know it isn’t easy  to lose weight and we’re here to help you with that.  Lots of us lead sedentary lifestyles, and feel like we have gained weight which is almost impossible to shed.  A few bad habits and wrong practices are what’s making us gain all those extra pounds. So here are a few tips to help you start to lose weight, which centers around running daily and the benefits of running. Consistency is the most essential habit to inculcate when you start any new routine or exercise. To…

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Sweet Potatoes Help to Lose Weight Easily, Know More About It

Sweet Potatoes

Want to lose weight at home easily? Try eating sweet potatoes in order to lose weight efficiently by trying out new snacks made from them. Sweet potatoes are creamy, soft and delicious when cooked properly. Available in the winter season, it is one of the most nutritious root vegetables available around the globe. A very popular myth is that sweet potatoes make you gain weight, but they are rich in starch and carb content and these are unhealthy fats like the ones found in normal potatoes. It is full of phytonutrients, minerals, fibers,…

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Best ways to protect yourself from gaining weight this winters

girl drinking protein shakes

Winters are all about staying in and enjoy the warmth of the comforter. But unfortunately, winter is also the time when your body is most susceptible to gain unwanted weight and a list of unwanted health problems. Our body not only feels lethargic but also clothes feel stuffed than before not because of layering but of body weight. Winter is basically an official season when your body can easily grow weight from about 3-5 kgs. Usually, in winters, the cold and gloomy days are most often spent indoors under a comforter.…

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These 5 Foods Which Will Help You Control Your Sugar Cravings


When putting down some weight, the main thing to worry about is being sidetracked into eating things that we shouldn’t, right? Now, in most cases, we’re advised to stay away from fats, sugars, carbs, and more. But among all these, how to control your sugar cravings is the most difficult part. It is often that we take a scoop of sugar or a bite of ice-cream without noticing much. This small thing results in big losses for the future when talking about your fitness goals. But what if you can control…

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Reduce your sugar intake

Reduction of sugar intake is a must. Sugar especially artificial sugar works to increase calories and in turn increase the rate of health issues. Here are ways to reduce that. Know if you are addicted to sugar Sugar addiction is in the forming of craving for sugar-based foods like sweets and pastries. Also if you feel bloated after eating sugar or sleepy it means that you are addicted to sugar. Read the labels Sugar is often given in the form of energy or carbohydrates on the labels, if you see…

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Burn that fat away – Foods that help you lose weight.

Foods that help you burn fat and promote weight loss are in demand these days. These foods are natural, real and unprocessed foods. Along with exercise, if you consume these foods, you will be able to burn to a great extent. Citrus based fruit: Citrus based fruits go a long way in burning fat. These citrus fruits are best early in the morning. Even better in pre and post workout sessions. Oranges, lemons and limes, and of course citrus fruit is wonderful for your hair, skin and to burn fat…

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How stress affects your weight loss goals

Stress can lead to acute weight loss in some people, while in others, it can lead to weight gain. Worry of any sort be it financial crisis, loss of a loved one, feeling heart-broken all lead weight loss or gain. Paying attention to anxiety signs and symptoms is necessary. But how does this exactly happen? Your body starts responding to the anxiety level The anxiety level rises, the brain sends a message with a number of stress hormones and the body is put into the ‘flight or fight’ mode. Once this…

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Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body mass index (BMI) can help you identify your weight to height ratio. The index is a measure for whether you’re over or under normal weight limits for your height. It however does not measure body fat percentage. There are other tools and measure to calculate body fat. This index differs with age and gender. For example, women are more likely to have a higher percent of body fat than men with the same BMI. BMI alone is not diagnostic. It is just one of the many factors that can…

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7 health benefits of Lemon water or Lemonade

We’ve all heard about the power of a breakfast smoothie or a post-workout protein shake. But one of the most under-estimated health drinks is lemon water or lemonade. The easy accessibility and effortless prep, are just beginning of the long list of the benefits of this healthy drink. Rich source of Vitamin C All fruits yellow are rich sources of Vitamin C. Lemons are full of vitamin C. So around 100 g of lemon will have 53 mg of Vitamin C which is a grand amount of it which makes…

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