What’s GB Whatsapp? Is it safe to use? What Features are there? Checkout Everything

GB WhatsApp

Who likes to have restrictions? Well! Nobody and that’s why we love the GB WhatsApp as it gives us all the freedom in the world to operate our favorite IM, the way we want. Now, if you don’t know about GB WhatsApp then it’s an application that helps you to use WhatsApp but with unlimited features. Some of the popular features are getting notifications when some specific person comes online, changing theme, no limits on document sharing over file size, much more. Now, GB WhatsApp is finally coming out with an…

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WhatsApp Group Chat Links Seen Again On Google Search


Indexing of invite links to private WhatsApp group chat was again done by Google and has been noticed for the second time, meaning anyone can join various chat groups with a simple search. This leads to exposing of user’s profile picture and numbers publicly and their privacy has been compromised again. Independent cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia shared screenshots of the leaked WhatsApp group chat invite on Google with Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) and shared his concerns over the level of security and privacy which the company promises to its users. Recently the…

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