WhatsApp Launched “Disappearing Messages” Feature: How to Enable on Android, iOS, Web and KaiOS


Since WhatsApp launched its new feature Disappearing Messages, it has been sensational in the tech field. Why everyone is so eager to know about it and what is so special about this new feature? Lately, the exponential growth of technology in the market is becoming a topic of worry these days for the users of these data-sharing platforms because it has been a major concern of the users whether their data or information is safe or not? The user can send messages that will disappear on WhatsApp by enabling disappearing…

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Whatsapp Data Filling Your Storage, How To Manage Using This New Storage Management Feature

Whatsapp Data Storage

Just about recently Whatsapp has rolled the disappearing feature update and now there’s one more for you. This time Whatsapp is out with the storage management feature. The new feature is added keeping the fact in mind that in the years Whatsapp has been in business, there were always complaints that it’s hard to exactly clean what apps data. The reason is that while there’s a lot of junk with useless forwarded media, there’s important data as well. Now, with the new update, you can manage your storage and clean…

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Whatsapp Introduced ‘Disappearing Messages’ Feature

Whatsapp Disappearing Messages

Whatsapp comes again with a new update ‘disappearing messages’, WhatsApp is the standalone king of the instant messaging domain and why won’t it be, after all, it brings in a new update every now and then to keep being in the game, unlike other platforms. Now, this time one of the most talked-about features has been adapted by Whatsapp and it’s the ability to send ‘Disappearing Messages’. Yes! The concept is quite simple and some might say old too, but when it comes to WhatsApp, it sure has a lot…

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