WHO and Africa CDC explore treatment for Covid-19 in traditional medicine


The World Health Organization and the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently launched a new effort in finding a cure for Covid-19. This effort is basically a newer approach to finding the cure to the disease as it explores more traditional medicine as a solution to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Soaring cases in South Africa raise a cause for concern which has motivated the African CDC to take different measures. Confirmed cases on the African Continent have reached 750,000 with more than half these numbers in South Africa…

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‘Long way to go’ warns WHO regarding the COVID-19 as deaths surpass 180,000


On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned people that the Coronavirus crisis may not end any time soon. There are many countries still in the early stages of the fight against the virus and find themselves ill-equipped to handle the crises. Meanwhile, the total number of deaths globally has passed the 180,000 mark.  The ramifications of this pandemic has immediate effects and experts suggest that it would also have long-term effects as millions of industries are incurring losses, businesses are struggling to offer services and products, there are millions…

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