COVID cases worldwide cross the 3.5 million mark.


Despite the governments all around the world working day in and out towards the containment of the virus outbreak, coronavirus cases all around the world have now crossed the 3.5 million mark. Statistics suggest that 3/4th of the cases worldwide are in Europe and the United States. Worldwide reports suggest that there are at least 3,500,517 infection cases and 246,893 deaths have been recorded so far. Among the continents, Europe seems to be the worst hit continent with over 1.5 million cases and over 143,000 deaths. Nations all around the…

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‘Long way to go’ warns WHO regarding the COVID-19 as deaths surpass 180,000


On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned people that the Coronavirus crisis may not end any time soon. There are many countries still in the early stages of the fight against the virus and find themselves ill-equipped to handle the crises. Meanwhile, the total number of deaths globally has passed the 180,000 mark.  The ramifications of this pandemic has immediate effects and experts suggest that it would also have long-term effects as millions of industries are incurring losses, businesses are struggling to offer services and products, there are millions…

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