COVID cases worldwide cross the 3.5 million mark.


Despite the governments all around the world working day in and out towards the containment of the virus outbreak, coronavirus cases all around the world have now crossed the 3.5 million mark. Statistics suggest that 3/4th of the cases worldwide are in Europe and the United States. Worldwide reports suggest that there are at least 3,500,517 infection cases and 246,893 deaths have been recorded so far. Among the continents, Europe seems to be the worst hit continent with over 1.5 million cases and over 143,000 deaths. Nations all around the…

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Why Imagine by John Lennon is the anthem for mankind.

Imagine- by John Lennon is surely one of the greatest songs to have been written. Although released more than 45 years ago, this hit single has had an impact and has touched millions across generations all over the world. This song has a legacy like none other, but disguised within its message of peace and love is also a collection of ideas that challenge the very structure of society. The song that has become an anthem all over the world, contains lyrics that are controversial at best even in this…

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Here’s why you should travel alone when you’re young

1. You can travel cheap – Only when you’re young can you manage living out of a backpack in a dorm room of a traveler’s hostel and not complain about it. Or skip a meal and get through the entire day without much inconvenience. Or pitch your own tent on the go to spend a night under the stars with your new found buddies. 2. Give yourself a chance to grow – Trapped in the endless rut of everyday life, rarely do you ever get a chance to do something…

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