Free YouTube Premium Offered by Airtel, How to Avail?

Youtube Premium

Airtel has been nothing but generous when it comes to offers, a lot especially after Jio Platforms have been taking a lead at the same game of generosity when it comes to offers. This sounds like a dig at Airtel, but is it? Well! it might be for they are actually short on offers for quite some time. But that might be because we see their competition Jio Platforms showing with unlimited offers. Now, while this does seem like a dig but it is not. It is just there to…

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CarryMinati broke his silence after the deletion of his ‘TikTok Vs YouTube’ video created a storm among his fans. The YouTuber said it was ‘hard to accept.’


After dominating trends all through on Friday with fans coming up in arms demanding ‘justice’, CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar broke his silence on the controversy over the deletion of his TikTok vs YouTube video. The YouTuber said it was ‘hard to accept’ that his roast video was pulled down and called it a ‘frustrating day.’ Taking to Twitter on Saturday, CarryMinati released a statement and started by sharing how making videos and entertaining people was something he dreamt of since he was 10. He wrote that he put his ‘blood, sweat…

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