Take charge of your health – the health benefits of Yoga

Buried deep within the Indian culture are not just snake- charmers and people chanting mantras, but the art of Yoga. Are you looking for a reason to try out Yoga? From good sleep to an improved posture and better concentration, this form of exercise has all the right benefits to keep you healthy and fit.

Form of exercise

The ‘asanas’ or the different forms of yoga are great for stretching. The stretching helps open out your muscles and reduces cramps and other muscle related ailments. These asanas form a complete circle of exercise from warming up to cardio and the cooling off.

Good sleep

After exercising, faster of movement of the heart and better breathing, sleep is going to be good. There are other ways to get a good night’s sleep which you can read here.

Good posture

Yoga helps you maintain a good posture. Maintaining a good posture has many benefits and with yoga it is possible. A certain asana also helps you correct your wrong posture making the back bone in alignment your head, shoulders and feet.

Better breathing

Some of the asanas focus on paying attention to your own breathing. With continued practice, these breathing techniques help your lungs open up which goes a long way in helping you breathe better and also improves your stamina.


With all the bending and stretching, your body loosens up. Your joints and muscles move easily and well. You are no longer a victim of the sudden aches and pains.

Increased Concentration

Once you focus on your breathing, you are able to concentrate on various tasks even when you are not doing yoga. It also slowly brings in calmness in your work and in your personality too. You are mindful of what you do.

Heart Health

With breathing and concentration, yoga helps in meditating and self – awareness. This helps reduce stress. It also helps improve blood flow to your heart and oxygen flow to your lungs. Thus contributing to better overall health of your cardiovascular system.

Learn yoga well and practice the asanas daily. You can alternate your strength training regimen with a couple of days of Yoga, to not only give your body time to heal and grow stronger, but also help you stay safe while using heavier weights. There is no age restriction for practising yoga, you can start with a couple of basic asanas and then gradually move on to the more complex ones. Once you make yoga a part of your routine, you will soon see the results of the same in the form of improved health and longevity.

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