Tata SCIP (Second Careers Inspiring Possibilities)


In a traditional Indian society, women find it increasingly difficult to get back on their professional frontiers once they have settled into matrimony. Tata, being the progressive company that it has been for decades now, intends to change that and offer women a second chance at their careers.

To make that happen, Tata introduced the SCIP – Second Careers Inspiring Possibilities. It is an initiative that creates opportunities for women returning to the workforce after a career break of any kind.

This innovative scheme was launched in 2013 initially only in Mumbai, Pune and Navi Mumbai. However, as of today, the scheme pans all over the nation.

What opportunities does the SCIP offer?

Women interested in rejuvenating their careers can choose from the following business fields, as per interests and qualifications:

  • Advertising and communications
  • Corporate planning
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Informational technology

How can one apply for the SCIP?

In order to apply for the scheme, the female candidate has to fill in the registration form online. On filling the form, the applicant would have to upload her latest CV.

Once the applicant has filled the form and uploaded the CV, the candidate can browse through employment opportunities which are available across several Tata companies. Work locations are spread all across India, so women get the choice to opt for the one nearest to their location.

Women can choose the work they are keen on taking up according to the qualifications and time feasible to them.

In conclusion

With this progressive scheme in place, women find newfound hope to restart their careers with a new zest and encouragement needed to excel at fields they are most passionate about.

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