The benefits of Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a well researched and proven form of therapy relying on human- animal bond to heal and soothe a number of health issues. There are animals actually trained and certified to provide therapy. You may have seen kids accompanied to school by their pet. Having these pets around not only makes the person feel loved, it also provides a sense of security and comfort.

Pets are called a man’s best friend for a purpose and their unconditional love can heal many physical and mental conditions. The comfort that a wet tongue or a comforting paw brings is unparalleled and has been known to be super effective.

Physical health

It is proven that pets are lower blood pressure, thus improving blood circulation and improving cardiovascular health. Plus with a pet at home, taking your pet for a run is good form of exercise for you too. As being close to a pet, releases oxytocin this produces a calming effect. This means there is automatic relaxation reducing the medicine intake to a great extent. Joint and muscle pains reduce with a pet at home, thus encouraging people to leave the confines of their home to move outside.

pet therapyMental health

They lessen depression and uplift spirits. Pets calm you down. Living with a pet even if you are alone, you do not feel lonely. The antics of the pet keep boredom at the bay and you are occupied in providing food, bathing, walking the pet around. They are known to provide successful therapy for people and children with autism, those with ADHD or even speech defects. Patients of cancer are known to recover with pet therapy. War veterans with post traumatic disorder, victims of human horrors have also benefited from pet therapy. It makes you more considerate to natural environment.

For kids

The presence of pets provide a free and non- judgmental environment. Therefore research shows that with pets around or with certified pet therapy, children are known to grow in their skills and babies complete their milestone goals faster. They improve concentration levels and increase self-confidence too. Therefore children with pets tend to become confident speakers. Children undergoing radiation, surgery and dental treatments benefit a great deal with pets.


Pet therapy as an amazing form of alternative medicine. Animals share our world and heal us. The movie A Dog’s Purpose perfectly captures the healing effect of a animals on our lives. Do you know of instances where having pets has benefited the family or a person in some way? Let us know your stories in the comments section below. You can also tweet to us @yourbeatonline or post a comment on our Facebook wall.

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