The healing power of Mindfulness

The mind is an extremely powerful tool which makes the impossible possible. The underdog can be a star by harnessing the power of the mind. Using it consciously and positively can create wonders in your life that you’ve never seen before. Mindfulness is the process of deliberate and conscious thinking. Being Mindful is a conscious decision you take at every step of your life. You can change your life for the better just by being mindful. Research has proven multiple times that the health of your body is determined by the state of your mind. You have the power to control how your body reacts to stimuli that cause illnesses and other ailments.

Does away with eating disorders

Eating disorders develop with mindless eating. Therefore avoiding eating in front of the idiot box counts as mindless eating. Take time to talk with your loved ones or if you are alone you could actually taste the flavors and textures of your food. Stress eating is the major cause for both obesity and anorexia in America. Only when you enjoy your meal with a calm mind, and watch what you eat, can your body reap harness the nutrients in your food.

Great immunity

Studies have shown that mindfulness while eating doing other activities helps you have greater immunity. Your body is in sync with your mind and this boost your mood which make you healthier and fit.

Reduced stress levels

Stress levels of jumping from one task to another is reduced. When you are mindful you always plan ahead of time and create time blocks which will help you focus on the task at hand and deliver your best. Focusing only on the task at hand instead of thinking about incidents that occurred at work or school and playing out scenarios in your head, helps you complete the task better and more efficiently. The joy of completion of the task also gives you a feeling of pride and overall happiness and contentment.

Boosts working memory

As you are completely centered on the task at hand, you remember what you have done, why you have done and how you have done a certain task with much ease. Additionally, by planning beforehand you also have a note of the progress of your task and the expected results. This doesn’t mean that you should be dejected if you are unable to complete the task within the stipulated amount of time. Drop the task at that stage and move on to the next one after clearing out your mind completely. Should you find this difficult, you can take a break between tasks to help you recharge and power up.

Improved relationships

Mindfulness makes sure you’re listening without interruption. This not only boosts your relationship with your significant other, but also your relationships at work or school. You are now latching on to every word they say without anything else vying for your attention. This leads to reduced nagging, better involvement and no stress. Your colleagues at work also appreciate your attentiveness and keen ear and begin to seek you out on more projects and tasks.

Improved overall health

Once you are mindful of your health and take obvious steps towards improving it, your overall health is improved. This means you consciously think about your waking and sleeping habits, your diet and exercise.

The mind is limitless in its power and mindfulness can go a long way in helping you truly realize that power. Be mindful and you will enjoy life. Being in the moment is worth it after all. Let us know your tricks to stay mindful in the comments section below. Don’t forget to check out our reviews on various super-foods that will help you in your journey of self realization and awareness.

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