The impact of Financial stress on your health

With the fluctuating economy and rising inflation, sustenance is becoming increasingly difficult with time. Finances or lack thereof, can bring about a lot of strain and stress on your overall well- being. This has an adverse effect on your health. While most people believe that the impact of financial stress is momentary and shall fade away with time, you may also see some more serious and lasting impacts on your health. Recognizing and accepting that the problem exists is the first step to reversing its impact.

Insomnia and Appetite loss

One of the most commonly seen effects of financial stress is insomnia. You may find yourself tossing and turning all night stressing about bills to be paid and payments to be made. Financial stress can also reduce your appetite. If you find yourself looking for the cheapest item on the menu far too often, its time to recognize the problem and begin taking remedial measures. Over a long term, irregular sleeping habits and an unbalanced diet can cause Chronic diseases such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems etc.

Skin conditions

Lack of sleep and proper nutrition may cause your skin to break out. Often, you tend to overlook normal body care routines like brushing teeth or showering due to the stress, thus inviting adverse skin conditions.

High blood pressure and diabetes

While undergoing stress, you may also tend to binge eat and may therefore consume food items that are high in sugar, calories and saturated fats. Additionally in the process of trying to save money on food, you may end up going for the cheaper, unhealthier food items at the grocers or the supermarket. Consumption of these food items may give rise to high blood pressure and diabetes besides other lifestyle diseases.

Heart problems

The stress of having to deal with financial issues day in and out can lead to a lot of heart ailments. In the long term, all this can cause heart issues. Increasing breathlessness and panic attacks may cause heart attacks.

Panic attacks

Bills, credit cards and other financial news can lead to panic attacks. Panic attacks are categorized by sweating, headaches, nausea and rapid heartbeat. Check out these super effective strategies to help you keep calm.

Substance abuse

Stress can lead to substance abuse like alcohol consumption, smoking or drug addiction leading to more misuse of money and financial losses. If you are a victim of these addictions, all isn’t lost yet. You can get rid of this addiction and find better strategies to cope up with the stress. Read up about successfully battling the addiction to smoking here.


Denial and the initial shock does not move away. This leads to quarrels and arguments within the family. Individuals often go into depression during financial crises without taking up responsibility and doing away with any hope of undoing any problems.

Therefore, creating a budget and saving up a part of your salary, however little it may be for the future helps avoiding these issues. Always remember financial problems aren’t the end. There are multiple solutions to all your problems. You do not have to give up or take any drastic steps. If you are facing such issues and need someone to listen, let us know in the comments section or shoot us a DM on our social media pages.

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