The Power of Silence – Why everyone needs it in their life.

With the hustle of daily life, we often lose sight of where we’re heading and just go through a fixed routine. A few moments of silence daily, goes a long way in helping you realize that you need to slow down and take charge rather than being slaves to your meetings and calls. Observing silence is not difficult. You get many opportunities daily to do so. Be it during the commute to and from your workplace, the few moments spent in the lift, at meals, before going to bed or even while preparing meals or grabbing your daily coffee, to name a few instances. You need to find time daily to empty your mind entirely and be with yourself. Just focusing on your breathing or listening to the sounds of nature can help reduce stress levels dramatically. It can also help your mind and body relax and recharge.

Imagine a scenario where you are heading to an important client meeting. You’re constantly thinking about what you plan to say during the meeting, mentally going over your notes and reminding yourself how crucial the meeting is. All these thoughts put your mind under pressure and make you feel stressed and anxious. This anxiety and stress then manifests itself as perspiration, rapid breathing, a cringed expression or something worse like a panic attack. All of this can be avoided by using a few minutes to calm yourself down with a few minutes of silence. You begin to feel more in control, your brain and heart thanks you for the opportunity to feel better and leaves you with an overall feeling of confidence and helps you ace the meeting.

Silence is a useful tool in helping you connect with your innermost self. The time taken to reach a stage where your mind is completely empty and free from any thoughts or distraction varies from person to person. Factors such as your surroundings, situations in your life, even the amount of sleep you’ve had the previous night, play an important role in helping your mind relax completely. It may seem difficult and un-achievable for the first few days, but very soon you will start seeing an improvement and within a week’s time at most, you should be able to empty your mind of all thoughts for those few moments.

Some tips to help you if you’re facing difficulty with being completely silent are as follows:
  • Take note of your surroundings, try to pick the part of your day that has least people around you or does not require you to respond to those around you.
  • Ask your family to leave you alone for a few minutes or even better ask them to join you in this process.
  • Try being in or around nature when practicing silence, it not only helps you calm down sooner, it also gives you a feeling of peace and helps you appreciate life.
  • Select a time that is already part of your daily routine, so you do not have to go through the effort of finding a new slot in your schedule.
  • Music is another super helpful tool in the quest for silence and calm. You can find multiple playlists of soothing sounds on YouTube or SoundCloud for varying duration. This also helps you keep track of the time, and leaves you with one less thing to think about.

Silence is a great motivator, and is useful for everyone irrespective of your age, gender, fitness levels or any other factors. Many researchers have proven time and again the importance of silence in reducing stress levels and other lifestyle diseases associated with it. Aromatherapy is another great alternative medicinal technique that works on the same principal.

Relaxation can be achieved in a bunch of ways and we have found these techniques to be the most effective. What do you think? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. If you have any queries about the same, our team of experts would love to respond to you too.

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