The situation gets intense along the LAC with full army deployment


Things have been politically tense along the Indo-Chinese border as there have been reports of Chinese invasion into Indian borders. This issue garnered nationwide attention when Indian soldiers lost lives in the Galwan area. Along the 3488 km-long Line of Actual Control, both Indian and Chinese armies stand fully deployed on the Galwan Sector. 

Since the Galwan Incident, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is continuing to send troops inside the Indian borders. The Indian army is also on standby as a part of the response in the Tibet region and the air forces of both sides are keeping surveillance watch on each other. 

The two armies are not looking at active disengagement at the moment, along the lines of the June 6 framework. This framework was laid down in the Lt General level meeting. 

There were military watchers stationed who said that they were shocked by the level of aggression spewing on social media – on both sides of the border – with several people demanding the defense forces seeking retribution for the lives of the soldiers lost. 

War in the times of Corona

While countries worldwide are already battling a pandemic, it seems really difficult to garner troops. For soldiers on either side of the fence, stepping out merely is putting one’s life on the line, with the virus lurking in the dark to attack. Whether this would be the right time to argue over territory is something to ponder over. 

For citizens on either side, who sit with bated breaths, the crisis goes bad to worse. Only time will tell how this will turn out.

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