The US bans travel from Europe for the next 30 days

Travel Ban from Europe to USA

Amidst the pandemic COVID-19, Donald Trump has declared a ban on travel from Europe to the US. The UK has been kept out of this blanket ban. The ban will include both men as well as trade movements from European countries. Trump feels that the European countries failed to control the spread of the deadly virus because they couldn’t control or ban travel from China at the right time. COVID-19 has so far spread across 100 countries, infected 1.24 lakh people and has killed 4,500 people globally. 

Donald Trump said in a statement that the COVID-19 has reached a pandemic stage due to severe inaction by several nations. Every day new cases of deaths are being reported from different corners of Europe, which has forced European governments to take stringent measures. 

Trump issued a series of Tweets confirming that the US is taking all necessary actions to ensure the safety of its citizens and to control the spread of the deadly virus. In one of the Tweets, the President is seen claiming that the USA is making policy to prevent, detect, treat the COVID-19 infected people and that the policy will also ensure to create a vaccine for COVID-19. 

In his Tweets, Trump applauded health professionals of the US and said that they are doing an amazing job. This has greatly boosted the confidence of all those who are involved in countering the impact of COVID-19. Further, he asked the media to show unity and strength and help the country to defeat the enemy of the world “COVID-19”.

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