This country is giving Rs. 38 lakh to people without doing jobs

Big offer in Germany, Corona virus infection has created a furor in the country as well as worldwide. During this time, every person is afraid of going to his job. Many people’s salaries are also being cut. Meanwhile, a great offer has been launched in Germany. Under this offer, 1200 Euros will be added to the account every month. 1200 euros will be poured for 3 years. Its most important thing is that no work of any kind has to be done for this, in such a case, the person will be put total 43,200 euros in 3 years. It is 38 lakh rupees in Indian currency. The project is being carried out by the Euergen Group of the German Institute for Economic Research.

According to the information, you will not have to do anything to earn this much money, just you will be asked some questions from the German Institute for Economic Research’s Yuergen Group, which you will have to answer, what will you do if you get this money. With this money you are able to spend your life or not. If you get money for free, then who wouldn’t want to take it.

Only 1500 people were required for this research, although so far more than 15 lakh people have applied. Only 120 of these people will be selected. For this project, you will have to fill up about three forms in 3 years, no tax will be levied on the money given to you.

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