This is why you should not take these ‘COVID-19 drugs’ without prescription


Apart from the high mortality rate, the second wave of COVID-19 has resulted in multiple other problems. Difficulties like lack of ventilator beds, lack of oxygen as well as a shortage of medicines were clearly observed within the country. It was this second wave that detected the most-feared level of destruction. Although a high number of infections are reported almost daily, only a few patients need to be hospitalized. However, there are many cases where the home-quarantined patients self-medicate themselves without the advice of doctors and develop into irreversible complications. A lot of drugs freely available in the market used in the treatment of COVID-19 if taken without the guidance of medical professionals could result in dangerous conditions. So, let us inform you about some drugs which are being taken irresponsibly and must be avoided unless prescribed!


Steroids are a group of drugs which are generally used to reduce inflammation. Although they are highly effective, the drugs pose a plethora of side effects. The doctors generally prescribe these drugs when the condition of a patient is critical. In short, one should never use it on their own/without the advice of a doctor.


Anticoagulants are prescribed to patients only in severe cases with the recommendation of a specialist doctor. Consuming this drug without a medical professional’s advice can be very dangerous. Anticoagulants thin the blood to reduce blood clotting/coagulation.

Remdesivir Injection

Although Remdesivir injection used in the treatment of COVID-19 is strictly prohibited for self-usage, the black market has made it available to many patients under home treatment. Only people with severe symptoms, patients in need of supplemental oxygen are given this injection. Therefore, one should never use this drug on free will.


Tocilizumab is also used in cases of severe symptoms of COVID-19. When the patient has been administered steroids for over 24-48 hours and still there is no improvement in his/her condition, this drug is prescribed. Using this drug without the advice of doctors could be fatal.

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