Thousands evacuated from Southern California wildfire.

Southern California wildfire.

Evacuation process remained in place early on Monday for thousands of people after a wildfire wreaks havoc in mountains east of Los Angeles exploded in size and forced the crews to battle flames which are reported to be triple-digits on the heat scale. 

The Apple Fire in Riverside County has turned over 31 square miles of bush and timber to ash, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. 

As of Monday morning, it was contained to about 5% and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

The officials allowed the flames to run up the side of Mount San Gorgonio which is an 11,000-foot peak because it wasn’t safe to let the crews work in such steep, rugged terrain, as reported by Lisa Cox – a spokeswoman for the US Forest Service. 

Flames leapt along the brushy top and came close to homes while the fire fighters tried to attack the rising flames from ground and from air. 

As reported by Cal Fire, one home and two outbuildings were destroyed. There were no injuries reported. 

The rising fire contributed to poorer air conditions as a huge smoke plume was visible for miles. Nearby Palm Springs recorded an increase in temperatures as well as the mercury hit 109 degrees on Sunday. 

The National Weather Service said that “dangerously hot conditions” were to continue because of high pressure over much of Southern California. 

Wildfires have lately been common occurrences around the world and Global warming is said to be the root cause of such outbreaks. Whether or not these outbreaks stop in the future is something that is yet to be seen.

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