Three Indians on Japanese cruise ship found infected by COVID-19

Coronavirus Impact

It may be reckoned that last week Diamond Princess, a Japanese cruise ship was quarantined at a Japanese port after one passenger who disembarked at Hongkong Port was tested positive for COVID-19. The cruise ship was quarantined, and passengers were tested for symptoms of the CoronaVirus. Diamond Princesses had 3,711 passengers and crew members on-board.

Japanese authorities confirmed that 218 people out of 3,711 on-board the fated cruise ship have been found infected with the deadly COVID-19. Of the 218 infected people, 3 are Indians. 138 Indians were on-board Diamond princess, 6 were passengers and 132 were amongst crew. The three infected Indians were crew members on the Japanese cruise ship. The 218 infected people have been taken to hospital for treatment. 

The Indian embassy in Tokyo confirmed the news via a statement. The embassy is in touch with the infected Indians, who are receiving treatment in a hospital. It said that the condition of the infected Indians is stable and improving. The embassy has requested Japanese authorities to ensure the wellness of the Indian nationals on-board the ship. 

The passengers or crew members onboard Diamond Princess are not allowed to disembark the ship before the quarantine process is complete. This step has been taken by the Japanese government to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, the authorities have said that those passengers who are older than 80 years may be allowed to disembark on priority once they are confirmed negative of the infection. Also, the passengers who are staying in a room without a balcony and are negative on the test will be given preference during disembarkation.

The death toll in China due to COVID-19 has increased to 1,500 and the total number of confirmed infected cases has now been reported to 65,000. 

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