Three-year-old tested positive for COVID-19

Positive Coronvirus Patient

A three-year-old girl child in Mumbai has been tested positive for Coronavirus infection. Both the parents of the infected child also have been found infected. It is noteworthy that the father of the child is 37 years old and had recently returned from the US. The man was kept at a quarantine facility at Kasturba hospital, but he had come in contact with his family before he was sent for quarantine. Both the mother and the child were also sent to the quarantine facility after the man returned home, but later the duo was also confirmed positive for infection. It is presumed that the child and the mother both got infected by coming in contact with the father. 

The total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection in Maharashtra has increased to 39. Maharashtra, amongst all the states in India, now tops the list of confirmed COVID-19 infection cases. The state government has suspended all examinations and has strictly instructed all the staff to work from home till 25th March.

Six new cases of the COVID-19 infection in Maharashtra were reported on Monday. All the patients have either travel history, or they had come in close contact with someone who has a travel history. The newly infected patients fall in the wide age group of 3 years to 50 years or late forties. The newly diagnosed patients had traveled to Lisbon and the Philippines and had come in close contact with others before being sent to the quarantined facility.

Dr. Daksha Shah, the deputy health officer at Kasturba hospital cautioned that India is in between stages 1 and 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic spread and that the spread can still be controlled. According to Dr. Shah, we can stop the pandemic to reach the deadly stage 3 by taking necessary steps like quarantine, contact tracing, and public awareness.

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