Quick and easy tips to help you quit Smoking

Smoking and its hazards are well known to all. But getting rid of this addiction is difficult. With the daily stress faced by working individuals, smoking is used as a release by many. Before you know it however, you’re addicted to it and cannot function without having a smoke. Lung and throat cancer are just the tip of the iceberg of problems that this habit can cause. Here are tips to help you begin to do away with this hazardous habit.

Find your reason

Having realized that it is time to get done with smoking, it is essential to find your reason. It is this reason that will keep you going on tough days. It could be anything from protecting your family second- hand smoke, to set an example to your children, to gaining mastery over all your habits and being in control and so on.

Plan it

You will require support. Tell your family and your friends (who are non- smokers) to help you. They will stand thick when you come forth with your decision.

Engage in different activities

Many people start getting involved sports and health clubs or gyms. Some also take up a hobby or pick up a forgotten dream. When the triggers are felt, they engage in these activities. Choose anything that you would enjoy. Check out this collection of the best workout plans that you can do at home.


Under a doctor you can go through medication that will help you during the withdrawal symptoms of beginning to quit smoking.

Go on a holiday

Move away from the pressure of giving up your decision. Move to calmer, peaceful surroundings. Head towards the countryside. Being as close to nature and away from human settlements go a long way in reducing the craving.

Find a new friend circle

Leave those birds of the smoking flock and find other friends. These can be part of your activity group or other people who will not bring you back into the smoking zone.

Avoid other triggers

Resorting to alcohol or drugs is no way out. You will only find yourself deeper in the addiction quicksand. Keep away from these triggers or you may consume more to replace the smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Giving up any addictive behavior requires a strong willpower and tremendous dedication, try and try till you succeed. It is worth the effort many times over. Have you managed to successfully kick the butt? Let us know in the comments section below.

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