Tourism in hilly areas takes a hit for the worse in summer break.

Hill Station India

This is an unusual summer; one we’ve never ever experienced before. And what used to be a surety once upon a time, has now become a distant dream. We’re talking about holidays to hill-stations. 

Summers are pre-decided in every Indian’s yearly schedule. It is vacationing at a colder place as Indian summers are unforgiving. Most schools in India offer vacations during this time, making an annual visit to a hilly area a must. However, things don’t look the same this time around. 

May and June usually turned out to be peak tourist seasons as many would head to Himalayan towns, trips to Shimla, Manali, and Nainital were always on the cards. This year, many of these hill-stations are missing the usual vibe. Cafe owners, restaurant owners, and various souvenir shop owners are bearing huge losses. 

The current lockdown has affected many industries, especially travel and tourism. Hotels all over the northern belt have incurred heavy losses and yet they are trying to keep their employees on salary, however with a salary cut. 

Hotels have canceled bookings after March 22nd and have since been waiting for the government to give them a go-ahead with regards to further bookings. Of course, the hotels will follow definite guidelines pertaining to social distancing and the utmost attention to hygiene and sanitization would be paid. 

Even cab drivers and adventure activity organizers are facing the brunt of the lockdown as they have practically no income flow. It has been tough for various sectors in the wake of the lockdown and what relief would Lockdown 4.0 bring to such workers is yet to be seen.

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