Transaction from ATM failed, yet money was cut, know what to do


The ATM rejects the transaction and you get a message shortly that the money has been credited to your account.

ATM Transaction Failed: Sometimes technical problems are encountered when withdrawing money from ATM. Sometimes it happens that the transaction failed after withdrawing money from ATM and the money was deducted from the account. That is, we did not get money from ATM machine. In which it appears in the slip from the bank that the money was deducted from your account.

In such a situation, all of us must have heard about the ATM malfunction. In some cases, the ATM rejects the transaction and you get a message that the money has been credited to your account shortly. But if you do not have an auto credit card in your account.

If there is no auto credit in your account, then follow these rules –

  1. Whenever the transaction is canceled, then the transaction failure receipt is received from the ATM. Keep this receipt with you safely. Because the reference number of the transaction is written in it.
  2. Check the statement of your bank account. If money has been deducted from your account, contact the bank immediately.
  3. Make a complaint in the dope box present in the ATM.
  4. Contact the bank.
  5. If you cannot go to the bank branch, then visit the official website of the bank and call the customer care number. Provide complete information about your transaction.
  6. You can also mail about this transaction to the bank and ask for help from them.
  7. You will get a call from the bank within 24 hours and all the money deducted from your account will be deposited in your account on 7 working days (working day).

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