Trump Jr. said- Biden is not good for India, maintains soft attitude towards China

Joe Biden

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump, has called presidential Democratic candidate Joe Biden a poor choice from India’s point of view. According to Juniper, Biden (Joe Biden) is not a good choice for India as he can have a soft attitude towards China.

President Donald Trump’s son is leading a campaign for his father. In the US, there is a presidential election on November 3, in such a way, through his book, Junior Trump has made allegations of corruption targeting anti-Biden.

Junior reached the event to celebrate the success of his book

To celebrate the ‘success’ of his book ‘Liberal Privilege’, a special event held in Long Island, New York, spoke on corruption charges against Joe Biden in a group of special supporters. In this program, Junior told his supporters that we have to understand the danger of China and no one can understand this better than Indian-Americans.

Junior’s book is – Liberal Privilege In
his book, “Liberal Privilege”, he has documented corruption allegations against the family of 77-year-old Joe Biden, especially his son Hunter Biden. In this book, Joe Biden’s family, especially There is a mention of corruption charges against his son Hunter Biden. He said, “Look at the rivals in this race … So what do you think China gave $ 1.5 billion to Hunter Biden … because he was a good industrialist Or, they know that the Biden family can be bought and their attitude towards China will be soft.

Trump Jr.’s reference was to the revelation of recent corruption allegations against the Biden family in the ‘New York Post’. He said, ‘Therefore he (Joe Biden) is not right for India.’ Joe Biden has dismissed all the allegations against him.

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