UK COVID death toll comes up as the worst in Europe.

Covid in Europe

As of early May, the total death toll in the UK surpassed the 38,000, which happens to be the worst in all of Europe. This raises grave concerns and puts Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a tough situation regarding his way of handling the crisis. 

The numbers were first published by the Office for National Statistics for England and Wales which displayed that the death toll in the United Kingdom to be 38,289 as of the 3rd of May, 2020. These numbers showed a drastic upward trend of about 6,000 in merely a span of a week, according to a Reuters tally of death registrations data in the UK.

These figures lead to the obvious understanding that Britain, at the moment, happens to be one of the worst-hit countries in the world when it comes to the pandemic. 

While such high numbers put the medical teams in the UK under pressure, Boris Johnson happens to be facing political pressure on his end too. The data revealing such staggering numbers came out just a day after Johnson set out a gradual plan to get Britain back to work. This included advice on wearing home-made masks or face coverings. However, this attempt to lift the lockdown led to further confusion. 

In the face of such numbers, opposition parties in the UK feel that Johnson was too slow in implementing the lockdown or too slow in introducing mass testing across the UK. 

It is now Johnson and his government’s task to not only bring down the numbers and flatten the curve but also work towards resuscitating UK’s economy

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