US government sues Google, alleges monopoly in Internet search


The Justice Department of the US Government has sued Google. The government has accused Google-owned company Alphabet of illegal use of its dominance in Internet search. The US government has accused Google of illegally protecting its effective position in the market of search and search ads through deals made with big companies like Apple and other smartphone manufacturers. Apple and other smartphone maker companies keep Google as the default search engine in their phone etc. devices. According to the Department of Justice, Google has remained a prominent name in the search market for all these reasons. The Justice Department has described Google as a ‘gatekeeper holding a monopoly on the Internet’.

Digital advertising on Google also under investigation. Search digital ads on Google are also under investigation. This includes searches, web displays, and video ads. The allegations alleged that Google’s behavior in the digital advertising space is to boycott and suppress monopolists and smaller competitors. Google stops any kind of new changes or searches in the Internet sector resulting in huge disappointment to the consumers.

Google gave its responses on this subject, Google says that it has consistently ensured that its services are useful to consumers and free to all. Google has also emphasized that all the deals done by it are legal and help the companies.

The attitude of US lawmakers has been repeatedly raised by senators such as Barney Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez that a company having so much power is a matter of policy concern. At present, this lawsuit is being interpreted because it has been done just two weeks before the 2020 US presidential elections.

Similarly, Microsoft was also sued. A similar case took place 22 years ago in 1998 against Microsoft. Microsoft was accused of bundling all products around Windows. At the time Microsoft was sued, Google was just a startup and claimed at the time that Microsoft’s work system or behavior was “anti-competitive ( anti-competitive were).

Now the US government and Google can enter into an agreement, but if it is not possible, then both will move the court. The decision of this lawsuit will take a few years to come, but this lawsuit against a big company like Google is the first important step taken against Google.

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