VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: These are the 5 dangerous plants in the world, can take your life

Poisonous Plants

Plants are of great importance to us. We get more things from plants besides pure air. Many plants are rich in medicinal properties and keep people away from many diseases. But some plants are dangerous to us too. They are poisonous and can also take human life.

Let’s tell you about 5 similar plants…

Suite Tree (Cerbera Odollam)

Kerala has lost many deaths due to this plant found in kerala and adjoining coastal areas. Inside its seed is an alkaloid found which can prove to be quite fatal to the heart and respiratory tract.

Kaner (Oleander-Nerium Oleander) 

The whole plant of Kaner is deadly. With vomiting, dizziness, loose motion, a person can also be in a coma. If the leaf touches the body, it is itching. Kaner is so poisonous that eating honey made from bees that sit on its flower can cause a person to fall ill.

Rozri P (Rosary Pea – Abrus Precatorius)

It is named Rori P because its seed is used in jewelry and prayer garlands. By touching, its seeds are not dangerous, but can prove to be fatal when scraping, breaking, or chewing. It contains abrin, of which only 3 micrograms are enough to take the life of a person.

Castor Bean – Ricinus Communis)

Castor oil is extracted from castor seeds. Its seeds are quite toxic. The seed is so poisonous that eating one or two seeds kills the child and the elder man also dies when eating up to eight seeds. It contains a poison called ricin, which prevents the synthesis of proteins inside the cells and causes vomiting, loose motion, and death of a human being

White Snakeroot (White Snakeroot – Ageratina Altissima)

Nancy Hanks, the mother of former US President Abraham Lincoln, died due to this plant. It is a plant which has small white flowers. It contains poisonous alcohol tramadol. Abraham Lincoln’s mother did not die directly from the plant. They drank the milk of a cow who had eaten the plant. In fact, if an animal eats it, the poison is also spread in the body of a person who consumes meat and milk.

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