Vijay as Professor, Shah Rukh Khan as Berlin: ‘Money Heist’ Director Alex Rodrigo Picks His Cast for Indian Version

money heist

During an interview, ‘Money Heist’ director Alex Rodrigo picked his cast from a lot of Indian actors. And we have to say, he makes interesting choices.

Money Heist has become one of the most loved and followed shows on Netflix right now, to the extent that many fans are trying to cast actors from their native countries in separate versions of the show. Indians too have not been behind in the trend, with many online polls also running as to which star will be cast as what character from Money Heist if a remake is ever made here.

Well, not to stress any any further because Money Heist director Alex Rodrigo himself has picked his choice of cast for the Indian version of show. Talking in an interview, Alex said that Professor’s role can be played by Tamil actor Vijay and/or Ayushmann Khurrana. He goes on to add that Ajith Kumar would fit the bill as Bogota and Shah Rukh Khan would be perfect as Berlin.

Further, Alex picks Ranveer Singh and Mahesh Babu as Denver and Tamayo respectively and Suriya as Suarez. We have to say that the director’s choice of cast for an Indian version of Money Heist is varied and interesting. Not just this, Alex also attributes some qualities of his Money Heist characters to the Indian actors he picks. For instance, he says Vijay looks ‘intelligent’ like the Professor and SRK looks ‘handsome’ just like Berlin.

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