Wake Up Early From Your Sleep By An Hour Early, It Can Be Magical Cure To this Serious Ailment


Does your sleep pattern also determine how much you will be at risk of depression? Well! As a matter of fact, you can say that yes! It is one of the determinants for the same.

No! We are not just saying it out of blue but we have proof backed by the results from studies from reputed institutions.

It is also suggested that to maintain a good psychological clock, you need to have ample amount of dark in the night and get a good amount of daylight during the up hours.

The reason is that usually depressed people tend to remain in dark and in that manner, they would rather be sulking in their homes and would refrain from going out and taking chances. So, changing just one habit can go long for curing depression if you already have it.

“We have known for some time that there is a relationship between sleep timing and mood, but a question we often hear from clinicians is: How much earlier do we need to shift people to see a benefit?” said senior author Celine Vetter, assistant professor of integrative physiology at CU Boulder.

Moreover, do you know that your genes can also define the amount of risk that you have of getting depression? Well! They do factor in.

According to a study conducted on 850,000 individuals, out of which one group wore a sleep tracker for 7 days and other filled data about their sleep pattern, amazing results were out.

The data shows that the sleep pattern is much determined by their genes type and the average mid-point of the sleep is determined to be 03:00 AM. Meaning that, by the time the person sleeps and the time they wake up, 03:00 AM would mostly be the time when they’re in deep sleep.

Now, it is also recommended that if these people would go to sleep a little earlier and reduce their waking up time by the same difference, then their chances of getting depression would drop by 23%.

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