What’s Behind The Viral Video Of Lucknow Girl Hitting Cab Driver?

Girl hitting Cab Driver

A shocking video of a woman brutally slapping a driver recently surfaced on social media platforms. This incident took place at Awadh crossing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, where the woman caused a massive uproar by attacking a cab driver without any signs of stopping until the interference of the onlookers.

The violence depicted in this video is alarming, but instead of turning a blind eye to such incidents, we should try to understand the cause and effect it will result in and stand up for the just side to make sure no more innocents fall victim to it.

To help us understand this incident further, we will first understand what feminism is and get to the bottom of it.

The pseudo is silent in feminism

First, let us try to understand what feminism is and what it stands for. Feminism can be defined as a series of social and political movements, philosophies aiming to achieve gender equality by empowering women and putting an end to the unfair treatment and discrimination against women. In short, feminism is about uplifting women.

On the other hand, pseudo-feminism suggests that women are superior and deserve more respect while people of different sexes do not. It supports the idea of bashing and demeaning other sexes.

So who is to be blamed?

In this recent viral video on Instagram, who was actually at fault?

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It was a green light for the vehicles as they made their way through the signal; a woman suddenly tried to cross the road, clearly being in the wrong.

A cab driver puts brakes to his momentum and stops right before the woman, who then forces the driver out of his car and breaks his phone, then proceeding to slap him without any notice or any signs of stopping until the onlookers meddle in. The driver did not retaliate one bit, afraid of being wrongly accused of assault.

That brings us to the question of who’s at fault; The lady, the driver, or feminism? The answer to this is the lady’s act of violence. It is the act that should be condemned, and the person responsible for this should be held accountable. Taking advantage of the fact of the existing so-called pseudo-feminism is what has been observed here.

Acts such as these shed the wrong light and set a prejudiced notion in people’s minds about the women’s empowerment movement as a whole. The more we ignore incidents such as these, the further the real issue loses its meaning after all.

When a person commits unjust acts, that person and their action should be judged and condemned, not their affiliation, gender, race, or religion, as it only spreads unjust hatred towards those communities.

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