What’s GB Whatsapp? Is it safe to use? What Features are there? Checkout Everything

GB WhatsApp

Who likes to have restrictions? Well! Nobody and that’s why we love the GB WhatsApp as it gives us all the freedom in the world to operate our favorite IM, the way we want.

Now, if you don’t know about GB WhatsApp then it’s an application that helps you to use WhatsApp but with unlimited features. Some of the popular features are getting notifications when some specific person comes online, changing theme, no limits on document sharing over file size, much more.

Now, GB WhatsApp is finally coming out with an update after so long. Also, in this update, they are claiming about no ban from WhatsApp Servers, which was a problem with the previous versions.

So, if you’re a user of their services then you should be pretty excited about the GB Whatsapp Update, right? But wait! Let’s see what you’ll get with the new update first.

  • Auto Reply
  • DND Services
  • Text Messages Broadcast
  • New Filter Messages Options
  • Anti-Revoke Message
  • Share Live Locations
  • Outstanding Effects While Sharing Pictures
  • Revoke Multiple Messages
  • Send 90 Pictures at a Time
  • Endless Themes For Full Customisation
  • Download Statuses That You Want To Save Or Reuse
  • Amazing Font For Customisation
  • Messages History Is Viewable
  • Alter contacts Media Visibility
  • Mark the unread messages Using Notifications
  • Select all chat On Homescreen
  • Hide your status For Recording Voice
  • Best Image Quality With No Compression
  • Log History
  • Language Support For Most Of The Languages
  • Notification For Change In User Profile, Active Status, and More
  • Pop up Notifications When Someone Specfic Comes Online

So, are you going to download GB WhatsApp soon or you already have your copy of this Android Software.

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