Whatsapp Data Filling Your Storage, How To Manage Using This New Storage Management Feature

Whatsapp Data Storage

Just about recently Whatsapp has rolled the disappearing feature update and now there’s one more for you. This time Whatsapp is out with the storage management feature.

The new feature is added keeping the fact in mind that in the years Whatsapp has been in business, there were always complaints that it’s hard to exactly clean what apps data. The reason is that while there’s a lot of junk with useless forwarded media, there’s important data as well.

Now, with the new update, you can manage your storage and clean the internals of your Whatsapp the way you want.

It is happy news for those old folks especially those who are in family groups sending ‘Good morning text’ and receiving the same, after which they are always facing the problem of their storage being full. Well! That’s something bound to happen but now they can clear it all at once.

Moving on, this feature is live now and one can download the latest version of Whatsapp to get on with the same. But more importantly, let’s take a look at how it functions.

You can find this option under the setting tab in Whatsapp with the name of ‘Storage and Data Option’, clicking it and entering it, you’ll see that there’s a bar indicating how much storage is used and how exactly it is used.

The setting inside this option is divided into three parts:

  1. Storage bar
  2. Review and delete items
  3. Chats

The storage bar is pretty self-explanatory. Further, when you move along into ‘Review and Delete’ you may also find categories such as forwarded many times and larger than 5 MB media. The ‘Chats’ section has the media selection option from particular chats only.

This makes sorting and deleting a piece of cake, right? You can either select a category or manually selected which media to let go of and Voila! you get yourself cleaned storage.

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