Which Is the Healthy Rice Option for Weight Loss: Quinoa, Brown or White Rice?


Healthy food is the most important choice one should make while starting one’s fitness journey, eating healthy rice could one of the initial steps of the process. A bowl of Quinoa a day is going to keep all types of cancers away. In the past few years, quinoa has risen to popularity because of its high nutritive values. It is being consumed by lots of people who are trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

But, has popularizing Quinoa encouraged others to ditch white or brown rice which is the staple diet of many households? Read below to find out.

Quinoa vs white rice:

White rice is a staple meal of every Asian household. However, did you know that high in glycemic index, consumption of white rice in large portions will spike your blood sugar quickly?

This is one of the main reasons why Tamil Nadu, an Indian state is the most obese and unhealthy state of India. Although white rice is gluten free, it is loaded with carbs and lacks a lot of nutrients that Quinoa sports.

A small cup of quinoa has more proteins and 5 grams more fibre than a large cup of rice. it has less content of carbs and fills you up faster. Quinoa aids in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels, unlike white rice.

Brown rice vs Quinoa:

While brown rice is a healthier option when compared to white rice, are they as good as Quinoa?

Brown rice has lower glycemic index and is packed with nutrients like fiber that helps in lowering blood pressure and keeping you full for a long time. So even if you consume both brown rice and Quinoa in small amounts, you will be both well-nourished as well as full.

White rice vs Brown rice: which is better?

The main difference between white ice and brown rice comes from the way they are processed.

While white rice comes with its husk, bran and germ removed and then artificially enriched with synthetic matters, Brown rice comes with healthy bran, germ and husk even after its processing. Thus, all the natural nutrients are retained in the brown rice.

Brown rice unlike white, helps in reducing blood pressure. Together with Quinoa, it promotes weight loss, increased potassium levels and lowers cholesterol level.

So, which one is your best option?

Packed with healthy natural nutrients such as minerals, fiber, protein both brown rice and Quinoa are a healthy and necessary addition to your meal.

Meanwhile, white rice is not bad. However, it lacks all these nutrients in it and thus, pushed towards the back in the list of healthy eating options.

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