WHO and Africa CDC explore treatment for Covid-19 in traditional medicine


The World Health Organization and the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently launched a new effort in finding a cure for Covid-19. This effort is basically a newer approach to finding the cure to the disease as it explores more traditional medicine as a solution to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Soaring cases in South Africa raise a cause for concern which has motivated the African CDC to take different measures. Confirmed cases on the African Continent have reached 750,000 with more than half these numbers in South Africa alone. 

There has been a WHO statement released in the light of this innovative undertaking. It says that this traditional medicine “has many benefits” and the continent seems to have a long history of using this medicine. 

Traditional medicine being looked at for help

With modern scientific approaches falling flat on its face while trying to defeat the virus, scientists all around the world are trying various permutations and combinations to find one effective cure for the virus – which includes relying on traditional medicine to a certain extent as well. 

Traditional medicine, though slower in action, has its own share of benefits and a long-known reputation of causing zero side-effects simply because it is made with naturally available substances. 

WHO Africa chief Matshidiso Moeti says that the research “must be grounded in science.” There are many countries who are showing interest after the Madagascar President promoted a local herbal concoction as a legitimate response to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Will science prevail or local medicine? Or will this pandemic bring together two sides of the same coin to work in tandem?

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