Your salary is up to Rs 25,000, then these facilities will be available for free

Money in Hand

If your salary is very less, then this news is very good for you. When salary is low, we get demoralized because the facilities are not able to get due to salary. But the good thing is that even those who get less salary will now get all the facilities and benefits.

Let us know that do not be disappointed when you get a salary of up to Rs 25,000 only. Because at a contribution of just 25 rupees, the government will provide you 19 types of facilities including study, writing, medicine and marriage.

Money will also be available for daughters’ marriage

Explain that the government has made some provisions for low paid workers, but due to lack of information, it is not getting the benefit. Many states have such facilities. Today we are referring to one such scheme of Haryana. In this, a maximum of Rs 75 is to be deposited in the government’s welfare fund every month. In which 25 rupees are deducted from the salary of the worker and 50 rupees from the management of the company. It is mandatory to put a board on every factory gate. This scheme is of great use to you. If a woman is a laborer and she has to get married then she will get Rs 51000. If the laborer has daughters, the help of Rs 51-51 thousand will be given in the marriage of three girls. This money will be given three days before the wedding.

Money will also be available for children’s sports

If the boys and girls of a laborer continue their education from the first to the 12th standard, then for this they will get the help of 3000 to 4000 rupees every year to buy school dress, book-copies, etc. This facility is available for two boys and three girls. In addition, the scholarship facility is for three girls and two boys for each worker. For classes 9 to 9, you get Rs 5000 to Rs 16000 for studying. Children of workers will be given from 2000 to 31000 rupees on getting a place in cultural competitions. For the children of laborers for sports: 2000 to 31000 rupees will be given on the basis of competition.

Help for medicine

Help for medicine will be told that 10-10 thousand rupees will be given to women workers and laborers’ wives on delivery. It is worth noting that it will be given twice. Up to Rs 1500 for spectacles to workers. Assistance up to Rs 1.5 lakh in case of disabilities due to accident or other reason during the service of the workers. 4 to 10 thousand rupees will be provided to the workers and their dependents for getting dental care and jaw. Deaf workers and their deaf dependents will get 5000 for hearing machine once in 5 years. 20,000 to 30,000 rupees to disabled children of workers. There is no fixed limit on service and salary. 7000 rupees for three-wheeler bicycles to the disabled workers and their dependents.

At this time, you will get help of 5 lakh rupees

The workers who get a salary of Rs 18,000 a month, Rs 3000 to buy a bicycle every 5 years, but the service should be at least 2 years. There is a provision of giving Rs 3500 once every five years to women workers for purchasing new sewing machines. Rs 1500 LTC facility to workers on five years of service. Along with this, if the death occurs while working at the workplace, then the dependent will be given Rs 5 lakh. While on death due to any other reason, his widow or dependent will be given a support amount of Rs 2,00,000. There is a provision of Rs 15,000 for cremation in case of death of the laborer at work or outside due to any reason.

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