You’ve been having banana milkshakes all wrong

Minions love them and you should too. The health benefits of banana go beyond just a fit tummy. A healthy post workout snack due to the potassium content, a quick source of energy and a source of healthy sugar, the health benefits of this fruit go a long way. You can have it as part of a fruit salad or raw. We love to have banana milkshakes, and after much trial and error, have discovered the best ways to have it. Check it out below now.

With Cinnamon

If you love your food with a tinge of spice, a dash of Cinnamon powder in your banana milkshake is a sure-fire way to balance the sweetness and give your taste buds a spicy twist. Do not go overboard with the cinnamon however, as its heat could be counter-productive to your health. Also be sure to powder the cinnamon sticks prior to blending it with the bananas and milk.

With Chocolate

Chocolate can make any sweet dish better. Whether you like your chocolate sweet or bitter, adding some cocoa powder to your banana milkshake will make it a super yummy delight. And your kids will love you for it. If you’re feeling experimental and have the time on hand, instead of adding cocoa powder, you can also glaze the inside of your glass with chocolate syrup and then add the banana milkshake.

With Cucumber Juice

If you’re a health junkie and love to down your banana milkshake as a post workout snack, you can make it even healthier by adding cucumber juice to it. The cucumber has a mild flavor and a lot of water content, which will also help you manage the viscosity of the milkshake. Be sure however to go in a 1:3 ratio for cucumbers to bananas to make sure you don’t overpower the flavor of the banana. Add some whipped cream and you have yourself a yummy milkshake.

With Dry fruits

Crushed dry fruits as a garnish can be added to any milkshake or smoothie. Whether you like a grainy texture to your milkshake or a smooth one, adding dry fruits to your milkshake can let you do both. Use almonds, dried dates, cashews and any other dry fruit you like. The health benefits of having dry fruits are a well documented and will up the health quotient on your milkshake.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Also let us know if you have any other ideas to have banana milkshakes and don’t forget to check out our other healthy food ideas.

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